Understanding Medical Malpractice Laws In Louisiana

Claims for medical malpractice cover many areas of medical negligence such as delays in treatment, misdiagnosis, improper treatment, medication errors, birth injuries, and nursing negligence.

The procedures for filing a medical malpractice claim vary by state. Louisiana is governed by the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act, which requires plaintiffs to submit their complaint to a medical review panel of three doctors before filing a conventional lawsuit in court. Unfortunately, this process can be lengthy, complex and expensive.

Get Experienced, Straightforward Legal Advice

Charles R. Moore and Sarah Hunter have years of experience fighting for the rights of patients and nursing home residents. They have a proven record of successfully resolving even the most challenging of cases. They have established relationships with medical experts around the country who will work for you to answer your questions regarding the medical care at issue.

With our experience, we can help you understand the processes involved, how long you can expect it to take and other challenges. We believe these are all important for you to understand completely before moving forward. If someone should be held legally responsible, we can help you seek justice in court. Contact us today at our Baton Rouge firm to set up an initial consultation to get our experienced opinion. You can reach our lawyers at 225-766-1100 or contact us online here.

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