What Is Considered A Maritime Accident?

A maritime accident is when someone on navigable waters is injured. The legal proceedings need to take into account both U.S. and international law which makes up what is called Admiralty and Maritime law.

Our firm is passionate about this area of law. Charles R. Moore has been published in the Maritime Journal of Law and Commerce and his practice has taken him onto an oil rig in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland.

For those who have loved ones who are maritime workers who have been injured, we are familiar with your concerns. We care deeply about the rights of those hurt or catastrophically injured in a maritime accident. These cases require the special knowledge we have of the different rules and civil procedures of matters that occur under Admiralty jurisdiction. We also have in-depth knowledge of the Jones Act and General Maritime negligence.

This area of law is complex.

You need experienced lawyers on your side because of the difficulties involved. The lawyers at our firm have a deep connection to maritime law, giving personalized attention to each case.

Contact Charles R. Moore or Sarah Hunter to set a free consultation. You can contact our firm in Baton Rouge at 225-766-1100 or online here.
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