How a Personal Injury Case Involving an 18-wheeler Truck Is Different

The severe injuries from an accident with an 18-wheeler truck can be devastating to everyone in your car. The size of the vehicle, combined with situations such as driver fatigue or negligence, can result in horrible suffering and damages.

Lawsuits against trucking companies typically are trickier than others. Some of it is logistics — normally the company is not local and travel is involved for depositions or other testimony. It also means that your case may be moved from State Court to Federal Court. The trucking companies have a great deal of experience defending cases such as this and have a strong legal team. In these types of personal injury cases, you want to have the experience of our firm fighting for you.

Moore & Hunter, APLC has decades of experience fighting for accountability after our clients have been injured in a truck accident. Our firm is based in Louisiana, however, we will travel wherever it is necessary to find the information we need to represent you against the big trucking companies.

In The Most Catastrophic Cases, Trust Our Firm

Our founding attorney, Charles R. Moore, is a name you should know and trust. He has been fighting at trial for clients in personal injury cases since 1976. Get his experience on your side in this very serious matter. Contact our firm in Baton Rouge at 225-766-1100. Or, contact us online.
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